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Custom Wood Slab Milling
Log milling affords you the opportunity to reclaim the wood from downed trees by sawing them into useful lumber. "Treecycle" rather than leaving the tree(s) to rot on the ground or end up in a landfill.
We also have different types of building material and wood blanks for turning for sale at the mill.

moving log to mobile sawmill
And turn logs ...
We are able to cut up to 38"diameter x 21 foot long logs on our fully hydraulic,  sawmill, giving you custom milled lumber for your building and woodworking projects. Our sawmill is computer controlled for repetitive, consistent cuts giving you a higher yield with less waste.
stack of Maple and Black Walnut lumber cut on mobile sawmill
Into live edge slabs
With the "mill on wheels" we can cut live edge slabs to be used for mantels, benches, tables, shelves, kitchen counter tops, islands, and bar tops. You are welcome to bring your logs to us 
Please phone ahead if you plan on bringing your logs to our location.   519-826-8371
Black Walnut live edge wood slabs and shelving for sale, Guelph Ontario.
Live edge wood slab store in Guelph, Ontario. We sell solid wood slabs for shelving, table tops, bar tops and general woodworking.
Rustic natural edge bars made with industrial steel in Guelph, Ontario.
Climate controlled live edge lumber storage.
Spalted Maple live edge slabs ready to be dried.
Live edge Spalted Maple, Birds Eye Maple and Walnut slabs from Guelph are in our store now.
Perfect size and shape for unique bar tops, fireplace mantels and live edge modern rustic tables.
Barnboard Is on sale in our store for just $3 a square foot. We have a small supply of these grey reclaimed weathered boards.
Mulberry live edge boards are now available again.
Pine barn beams and square live edge posts for sale.
#2 grade air dry live edge small slabs, good for signs and small hobby woodworking projects.
Small solid wood slabs starting at $20 are in our showroom now.
Dry wood slice centre pieces from $8 each. 

The Live Edge Slab Store

Come and visit our live edge store near the city of Guelph and pick out a slab of wood or reclaimed barn board to take home with you and get started on your woodworking project.

Talk to Dan in the Knots & Steel custom woodworking shop about finishing or any steps or tips on building your home bar, live edge fireplace mantel, live edge shelving or table.
Would you like us to help by building part of your project for you?
we are here to help.
We custom make all our industrial steel table, bar and bench steel frames and legs here in our welding and live edge shop.

Handcrafted and one-of-a-kind is our speciality. 
Charcuterie board made with live edge Maple
You have come to the right place if your looking for live edge lumber to make a charcuterie or a wood serving board.
This extra long Maple slab was the perfect piece for this application.
Its a fun way to spice up any wine and cheese party and get-together's with some cool appetisers.
If you like you may visit our live edge shop and pick out a finished Charcuterie board that you can take home and use right away, or you may like to choose a slab of live edge wood from our show room and make your own.
Don't forget your friends, tie a bottle of wine to a board for that next birthday, or for a great house warming gift.



Many Live Edge Slabs Sold To These Areas
Halton Hills
Owen Sound
Wellington County Ontario

  • Live edge thick coffee table slab.

    Coffee Table Slab

    Coffee Table Live Edge Thick Slab

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  • Our Show Room

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  • Rough cut live edge wood

Attention Woodworkers. If you have a special project you would like to build such as a rustic harvest table, live edge furniture or any other woodworking project for your home or cottage, but have no access to rough sawn boards or logs, contact me as I often have spare logs and planks that I can cut to your specifications or can possibly find the right wood for your project.

Attention Property Owners. If you have a downed tree or one that will be taken down and don't have any use for lumber, be sure to call me. I will haul it away for free or pay you for the hardwood logs.

Mobile Saw Milling Is Now Closed For The Winter 

Our Live Edge Store Is Open All Winter.
Heated Show Room!

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Live edge bar top
We cut one live edge off this Black Walnut custom made bar top so it could fit against a wall. The striking wood grain and the curvy natural bark edge should create some interesting conversations while entertaining your friends and family at social gatherings.

Protected with a custom satin finish, this piece preserves the natural characteristics of the original Black Walnut tree and accentuates the unique features of this figured wood. Another custom piece for our custom clients.
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